Find out which tech is powering the web

Look under the hood to identify the technology that drives business online.

KEY benefits

Get easy access to tech focused trend data

Technographic Overview

Get market share among different tech stacks, performance and geographic distribution.

Budget Estimation

Identify the businesses that need your tech offering and has the budget to pay for it.

Change Alerts

Get notified when a key accounts adds or drops a competitive or complementary solution.

A true global tech landscape at your finger tips


tracked technologies




discovered domains

Technology trends applications

Our customers are using our data to gain valuable tech trend insight

Multifaceted Technographics

Shopping carts, analytics, CMS, hosting... figure out which technology is powering today's websites.

Industry Benchmark

Get market share among different technologies, performance, topics and geographic distribution.

Emerging Players

Immediately spot if emerging technologies are accelerating and decelerating in your industry.

Budget Estimation

We help you identify who needs your technology and has the wallet to pay for it.

Change Alerts

Get notified when a key account adds or drops a competitive or complementary solution.

Remarketing Builder

Focus your remarketing efforts on specific websites from any Display Network.

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