Find your next customer

Uncover highly targeted leads that match your ideal customer profile.

KEY benefits

Give your sales team the data they need to close more deals 

Improve workflows

Enhance you operational workflow
with actionable data and
unique insights.

Simplify research

Make it easier to research and generate prospect lists to target your ideal customer profile.

Prioritize what matters

Use AI to eliminate leads that aren't relevant or might
waste your team’s time.

Target the right leads for your business


Filterable dimensions


website accuracy


B2b Companies

lead generation applications

Our customers are using our data
to grow their business

Quality Leads

Produce highly targeted websites lists for marketing and sales based on dynamic metrics.

Sales Ammunition

Get granular insight on any website to perfect your pitch and increase sales opportunities.

Prospect Prioritisation

Increase operational efficiency by focussing on prospects whose profile match your top customers.

Buying Signals

Empower your sales reps by surfacing key sales triggers like technology changes and traffic increases.

Predictive Prospection

Access new prospects that look like your best customers and are more likely to be a good fit.

Lead Segmentation

Leveraging 10+ years of web data collection, DataBravo offers the most comprehensive way to segment websites.

Customer stories

See how our customers have used DataBravo to grow their business

“With DataBravo we have the power of actionable data at our fingertips. As a result, we have been able to focus on a consultative and knowledge-based sales process, which has had a very positive impact on our business."

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DataBravo is the comprehensive and actionable data intelligence platform that powers WooRank, the leading digital marketing and website performance audit tool.