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what is databravo?

The comprehensive and actionable web intelligence platform for your business

DataBravo harnesses all of the valuable insight the internet already has to offer about businesses, industry sector trends and the proliferation of technology.

DataBravo is the comprehensive and actionable data intelligence platform powering WooRank’s digital marketing and website performance tool. By accessing the data you need, you can ensure your business is making smart, data-driven decisions to improve your operational efficiency and grow your revenues. 

Energize your business with the strength of web insight.

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a global dataset

Harnessing the power of web data for over 10 years


keywords tracked daily


discovered domains


Refreshed URLS Daily
data enrichment

Enrich your dataset

Seamlessly augment your data with actionable website data. Add actionable web intelligence insight to your decision making process and business operations.

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lead generation

Find your next customer

Utilise the power of data to make your sales operation more efficient. Scope sectors, identify leads, convert prospects and close more business.

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Actionable insight for your role

Sales Professionals

Give your sales teams an advantage with DataBravo. Equip your team with data they need to identify new sales opportunities and to understand a prospect’s digital footprint.

Market Analysts

Streamline your business analysts’ workflow with DataBravo. Empower your analysts to detect market trends and understand sector by sector performance at scale.

Thought Leaders

Identify your next great idea with DataBravo. Impress your audience with comprehensive insights on content trends with a sector-by-sector analysis.


Zero in on future investment opportunities with DataBravo. Monitor sector trends and detect growing technologies to make informed investment decisions.

market intelligence

Discover emerging trends

Understand and contextualize the movement of any market sector or sub-sector. Make important business decisions based on industry specific web intelligence data.

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technology trends

Indentify technologies powering the web

Identify technologies driving businesses online. Pinpoint growth opportunities, analyse your competition and use trend data to grow your business.

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DataBravo is the comprehensive and actionable data intelligence platform that powers WooRank, the leading digital marketing and website performance audit tool.